Building Performance Modeling

Buildings and systems designed to perform at the highest levels require more intensive and rigorous analysis in order to optimize design and performance.  The popularity of LEED certification and increasingly more stringent building energy codes have increased the demand for building modeling services.  For project teams designing for net zero energy operation, it is critical to develop as accurate an analysis of building performance as possible.

Through building analysis and modeling we can help project teams arrive at optimal design solutions that perform as intended in the real world.  In Posse has significant experience providing energy models for net zero energy design, energy audits, LEED energy performance validation and energy code compliance.  Our daylight modeling and shading analysis capabilities help clients arrive at solutions that work and yield the expected savings and performance.  CFD modeling of unique ventilation solutions and natural ventilation operation early in the design process help prove concepts and optimize designs.

Services include:
                            • Energy Modeling
                            • Daylight Design
                            • Shading Studies
                            • Natural Ventilation/CFD