Tasty Baking Company

Baking & Distribution Center, Philadelphia, PA

This 345,000 square foot industrial baking facility was developed for the makers of Tastykakes®.  The building is located on 25 acres at the former Philadelphia Navy Yard and is on target to achieve Silver certification under the US Green Building Council’s LEED® Green Building Rating System for New Construction.  The facility houses Tasty Baking Company’s Philadelphia operations including baking, packaging and distribution operations as well as supporting office functions.  A feature of the building is the elevated gallery space that allows vantage points of the baking operation for self-guided tours.  In support of LEED® Certification, we developed an energy model to establish the achievable points for energy optimization.  Due to the large amount of energy utilized for baking and industrial purposes, process loads make up significantly more than 50% of the annual energy utilization at the site and it was critical to calculate the energy savings achieved with the installed baking equipment.  We worked with Tasty Baking’s consultants to develop a baseline for process loads and to document energy savings attributed to the actual baking equipment.

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