MLK Jr School

Elementary and Middle School, Cambridge, MA

The Cambridge Public School District is planning to upgrade the existing Martin Luther King Lower and Upper School currently serving grades K through 8.  The goal of the Cambridge Public School District is to transformer the MLK School into a Net Zero Energy school.  This project has completed the feasibility phase during which three different building schemes were analyzed.  These schemes where narrowed down to one proposed scheme for further development for the net zero energy school.  In Posse is the Net Zero Energy consultant and energy modeler for this project and has provided sustainability performance analysis for all three schemes including building massing, daylight, and natural ventilation potential as well as preliminary predicted energy usage intensity and renewable energy generation values.

In Posse is continuing to provide net zero energy consulting services for this 160,000 square foot K-8 public school seeking net zero energy operation.  In Posse facilitated workshop sessions for the design team, owner and occupants in order to develop the energy needs for the building and to educate the occupants on their role in energy performance.  In Posse has advised the project team on strategies for achieving the NZE goal as well as the integration of renewable energy systems into the project.

In Posse Services: Net Zero Energy Feasibility & Consulting, Energy Modeling, Occupant Engagement, LEED for Schools Documentation