Kuwait University Admin Core

Academic Buildings, Kuwait City, Kuwait

For the new Kuwait University, In Posse provided an in depth shading study for several administrative buildings in order to determine the effectiveness of different patterns for the system of vertical screening shading the building facades.  The study helped the design team optimize the patterned screen walls in order to optimize their performance at blocking solar heat gain on the building facades and provide shaded outdoor spaces adjacent to the buildings.

Kuwait University is in the process of building a new campus in order to consolidate all of the existing colleges into one central campus of learning.  The new campus will be built on a 99,466 square meter undeveloped site and will include all 16 colleges as well as support facilities.  When complete, the new campus is expected to accommodate 30,000 full time students and staff.

In addition to overarching sustainability goals for the new campus, a major element of the campus master plan is to create an academic city with habitable outdoor spaces.  The goal is to create a central circulation zone and connecting link and encourage student activities and staff gathering.  Part of this plan includes creating shaded spaces around the main buildings which are protected enough to create moderate temperature zones throughout the hot season.  Each college will create a “neighborhood” within a city adding a human dimension and sense of place in each of the university sections.

In Posse worked with the team designing the administrative core at a main campus entrance point.  The seven buildings are the main mosque building, the central administration, academic and administrative support units, convocation hall, central library, visitor’s center building, convention center and the cultural center.

In Posse Services: Daylight and Shading Modeling