Home 2 by Hilton

Hotel, Philadelphia, PA

Home2 is a new 246-room hotel developed by Parkway Development Corporation across from the Convention Center in Philadelphia.  As part of the financing package, Parkway pursued a Greenworks loan from the City of Philadelphia that required the project’s annual energy consumption to be 25% less than a code-compliant building.  In Posse led the team through iterative energy modeling exercises to determine the most cost-effective design improvements in order to achieve the targeted energy savings.  The team incorporated energy recovery on ventilation air, condensing domestic water heaters, regenerative drive elevators, low-flow showers and lavatories, high-efficiency PTHP HVAC systems for the guest rooms, variable refrigerant flow HVAC systems for the common areas, Energy Star appliances for guest rooms and public amenities, improved insulation for the walls and roof, and guest-occupancy sensing controls to limit guest room lighting and HVAC usage.  Projected energy savings are 25% – 30% over conventional construction.  In Posse provided engineering services to develop a basis of design for bidding purposes and construction administration services to provide quality assurance to the process.

. In Posse Services: Engineering, Energy Modeling, Energy Incentives/Grants Documentation