Potomac Watershed Study Center

Environmental Education Center, Accokeek, MD

The Hard Bargain Farm Environmental Education Center, a project of The Alice Ferguson Foundation, will serve school children throughout Maryland.  The project consists of a total of 20,000 square feet of space including a 3,500 square foot day use building, a 12,500 square foot educational building with overnight sleeping facilities and two overnight cabins.  The project is presently in design.

A major goal of the project is that it be designed to meet the requirements of the Living Building Challenge guidelines developed by the Cascadia Chapter of the US Green Building Council.  The buildings will be net zero energy buildings on an annual basis.  100% of the energy used will be harvested on site using photovoltaic panels.  In addition, 100% of water needs for the building occupants will be met by harvested rainwater.  The buildings will utilize composting toilets, waterless urinals and low-flow fixtures to limit water use and waste generation.  All waste water will be treated on site utilizing constructed wetlands.  In addition to the Living Building Challenge, the project is expected to achieve a LEED® Platinum certification.

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