Friends Center

Friends Center and Meeting House, Philadelphia, PA

The Friend’s Center project includes the renovation of the 58,000 sf office building and adjacent 26,000 sf historic meeting house for The Friends Center Corporation.  A major goal of the Quakers for the project was to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of their facility.  The building was designed to limit potable water use, use zero fossil fuels and prevent storm water from leaving the site for all storms up to the 2-year storm event.  Rainwater is harvested from the meeting house roof and utilized for flushing plumbing fixtures.  On-site potable water use is limited to drinking water.  In order to eliminate use of fossil fuels, the project utilizes standing column geothermal wells to provide heating and cooling.  All electricity used on the site is purchased wind energy and is supplemented by a 10 kW rooftop photovoltaic array.  The project, which was completed in July 2009, has achieved LEED® Platinum Certification (under LEED® for New Construction) and is the highest scoring LEED project in Pennsylvania so far. The following sustainable features have been incorporated into the project:

                                  • Standing Column Geothermal Heat Pumps with Variable Speed Drives
                                  • Rainwater Harvesting System
                                  • Green Roof
                                  • Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Array
                                  • Efficient Indirect/Direct Fluorescent Lighting Systems
                                  • Daylight Harvesting with Automatic Light Dimming
                                  • Reduced Plug Load Usage
                                  • Energy Star Appliances and Office Equipment
                                  • Ventilation Heat Recovery
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