Cornell Dairy Barn

Dairy Barn and Learning Facility, Ithaca, NY

While part of AKF Group, members of In Posse provided MEP engineering services for this project.  The exterior architecture represented a significant point of interest to Cornell; In Posse supported the Architect’s vision by providing documentation of the impact of the skylight arrangement on cow comfort and by incorporating lighting strategies that allow the building to “glow” when viewed from a distance.  MEP services have been centralized in the enclosed Milking Building which also includes the teaching facilities of the building.  Pathways for services to the rest of the building were carefully coordinated with the dairy needs to maximize dairy functionality and minimize impact on the dairy process. The lighting design, electrical grounding design, plumbing services, and heating / cooling design were optimized for cow comfort.

The energy consumption of the dairy milking equipment represented a specific challenge to integrate into the base building energy model. In Posse assisted the team in defining relevant baselines for these non-standard loads and provided an annual energy model demonstrating performance on the order of 30 – 40% below the reference standard. In addition, In Posse’s design for the traditional systems included high performance features like condensing hot water boilers, condensing gas furnaces, energy recovery for ventilation air, demand control ventilation, high-performance low-wattage indirect lighting systems, advanced lighting controls for both the dairy herd and for human occupancy spaces, and high-efficiency condensing gas domestic water heaters.

In Posse Staff Services: Engineering, LEED NC Documentation, Daylight Modeling, Energy Modeling