Camden Friends

Camden Friends Meeting House & Annex, Camden, DE

The Camden Friends Meeting House was constructed in 1805 and includes two levels of meeting space. The Camden Friends decided to renovate the Meeting House and replace an existing outdated Annex Building with a new 3,000 sq. ft. annex building containing a full kitchen, large group assembly and office / archive space.

The installation includes a grid-tied 12 kW Photovoltaic array and a rainwater harvesting system to recover rain for flushing toilets. Advanced lighting controls were installed including daylight dimming. High clerestory windows were provided with motorized window operators to extend the seasons when the building stays comfortable using natural ventilation.

The mechanical systems include ground-coupled heat pumps tied to closed loop ground- source heat exchanger. Ventilation air is provided through an energy recovery system with variable speed fans for demand control ventilation. The large group assembly space in the Annex has dedicated humidity controls to make sure the space stays within the ASHRAE 62.1 humidity limits even on moist days.

In the first year of operation the new Annex building was Net Zero Energy.  In fact, the building was an energy exporter.  The Annex Building was able to generate enough electricity to offset all of it’s needs as well as the majority of the power required for adjacent Meeting House building.  The LEED Energy model showed a 53% energy reduction compared to comparable ASHRAE 90.1-2004. The project is LEED NC Platinum certified.

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