Mission and Vision

 Our Mission

To develop an economically and socially viable built environment and to reduce the energy use and environmental impact of buildings.

Our Purpose:

To make a positive difference to society, the economy and the environment through our work in the built environment.

Our Vision:

We envision a world in which we, our clients, collaborators and community live in a sustainable, healthy, diverse and safe world where the value of every person, opportunity and transaction is fully realized.

Our Values

MeaningfulWe believe that our work should bring meaning to our lives and that our efforts should be meaningful to our clients.

TransformativeWe believe in transforming the built environment and the world around us through innovation in what we do and how we do it and by challenging the way we think about design, buildings and systems.

CollaborativeWe understand that our success is linked to the success of all other team members. We approach each project as a team player, ready to help out, to listen, to communicate and to educate others about what we do so that the whole project team is engaged and involved in our work.